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Our Charitable Partner

"When a survivor believes they are loved, worthy and capable - everything changes"⁠
Affirming Truths is so proud to be partnering with Ally Global. 10% of ALL sales go directly to support the restorative, healing work of helping survivors of human trafficking.⁠
So who is Ally exactly?⁠
They are a Canadian based charity who provides a supportive, safe environment for children in Nepal, Laos and Cambodia to heal from trauma, restore their self worth and find confidence to pursue their dreams and live independent lives as adults. ⁠
On average, Ally walks with and cares for these survivors for 12 years providing safe housing, therapy, education, skills training and reintegration into the world as strong, capable women.⁠
I am so thrilled that Affirming Truths - AND YOU - get to be a part of this mission.⁠
Every deck of Who You Say I Am affirmation cards - whether for yourself or as a gift - will not only work at restoring your identity in Christ, but will work towards restoring a victim of human trafficking.⁠
You can learn more about Ally at