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You are Capable

Who You Say I Am affirmation cardCapable is not one of the first things I think of when I think about myself.  I still often characterize myself by my limitations.  My mental illness.  My failures.  My struggles.

But GOD has said that this is true of me - and you - in Him.⁠  We are capable.

Recently we looked at Deborah and Jael in my weekly LIVE Bible Study (Sundays at 1PM EST on Instagram) using the Women in the Word Bible Study guide (download available in the shop).⁠

Against cultural norms and gender stereotypes God called and equipped these women to bring abut God's purpose.⁠ 

Deborah was a prophetess and judge, leading the people of Israel.  She marched with Barak and the warriors of Israel into battle.

Jael seized opportunity, prompted by God, and killed the tyrant Sisera with nothing more than a tent peg and hammer.⁠

God equipped these women to walk in purpose. Their obedience gave them confidence and boldness to take on the tasks he laid before them.⁠ Tasks that took courage.  Tasks that weren't traditionally given to women.

These were capable women.⁠

You are a capable woman.⁠

Where ever God is calling you to, he has equipped you to walk that path in obedience. ⁠

You are capable of the dream or vision he's placed in your heart.⁠

You are capable of the forgiveness he's asking you to extend.⁠

You are capable of getting to the other side of the storm you are in.⁠

Because He says it, it is so. 💗

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