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'Tis the Season ... Advent Season!

It's Advent season.

And if I'm honest - it's easy for the true meaning of this season to get lost behind those little chocolate calendars, present shopping, tree decorating and ALL THE THINGS.

But more than ever, I want to connect to the true meaning of advent.  The real story behind it all.  Because it represents the greatest rescue mission ever to have happened.  A rescue mission for the eternity of our souls.

I don't know if it's because this year has felt extra heavy with Covid - but recounting God's goodness is a sure way to lift my spirits.

You see, God created us in his image - to have relationship with him freely in his presence.

But sin entered the world and severed that communion. 

It separated us from God - but not from his love.  He had a plan.  A rescue plan. A salvation plan.

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3:15

For hundreds of years God's presence was out of reach - even though he created a temporary bridge through the law and sacrificial system.

But one would come to fulfill the law and be the final sacrifice.


Willingly left his sovereignty for suffering.

Gave up his heavenly reign for earthly ridicule.

Traded his throne for a manger.

Born to die.  To bring salvation in his resurrection.  The great rescue plan.

With Christ's sacrifice we once again can come spiritually in God's presence.  We get the indwelling Holy Spirit to commune with us constantly.

And one day, the fulness of this recuse plan will be complete where we can once again be wholly in God's presence.  When Christ comes again.

Oh what a day!

So while we are busy wrapping up presents for our loved ones, let's not forget the greatest gift of all sent by the one who loves us most.


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