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Lessons From Eve

I've been digging into Eve this week and have actually been encouraged by the warning we can see from her life - and for the faithfulness and love God showed.

Eve was created to be a partner and companion for Adam and had the same freedoms in the Garden of Eden.  It eat of any tree EXCEPT one of the trees in the middle - the tree of  of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:8, Genesis 2:15).

We all know how that story ended.  Eve was tempted by the enemy in the form of the serpent, fell to her temptation, tempted Adam who also caved. And so sin entered into humanity and the world.

It can be hard to find encouragement here.  But I believe God wants to use this account to teach us something important.  And that is encouraging!

Here are a few things I've taken away from this story:

1. We are going to face temptation in our lives, and it will come through the lusts of our eyes and flesh just as it did with Eve.  We need to guard our hearts and minds by soaking in the word. 

2. We cannot withstand temptation on our own.  We need to take it to God, an accountability partner or trusted friend.  Shinning light on our temptation, laying it down at God's feet, is a battle tactic to overcome it. Eve failed to bring her temptation to the Lord and ask for help.

3. When we fail in resisting temptation we do not need to hide.  God already knows and he is willing to cover us in forgiveness just like he covered Adam and Eve in animal skins - a blood sacrifice that pointed to the ultimate sacrifice Jesus would one day make to free us from the bonds of sin.

What other lessons can you draw from the story of Eve?


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