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Intimidated by Bible Study? Ya, Me Too.

Is it weird to say the studying the Bible used to scare me?⁠

I was intimated and overwhelmed.⁠  And dafe I say - even bored sometimes.

Have you ever experienced that when trying to get into the word?⁠

I guess I was afraid I wouldn't understand, or wouldn't do it right. It's a Holy book after all. Does that sound silly? Or can you relate?⁠

And in not knowing where or how to start, I would mindlessly read through the text, uninspired and a little bore truthfully.

But I was determined to break through this fear.

I knew that living a victorious life involved planting the word in my heart. So here's a few things I did (and still do) to conquer this fear:⁠

1. I changed my mindset.

I stopped viewing this Bible as this untouchable doctrine and started to view it as a love letter and conversation between me and God. A conversation to teach me how to live, to encourage my heart, to reveal God and to root my identity in Christ.⁠

2. I used a Bible translation that worked for me.

I grew up on the King James version, and while I still routinely use it in my bible study, it's not the only translation I used. I have found using a more modern English translation has helped me overcome my fear of not understanding the text.⁠ When I stopped having to put energy into understanding the language I was able to devote more energy to experiencing the living word.

3. I used Bible Study resources.

I didn't have to do this on my own. I could leverage the tools and resources others have created to help guide me through God's word. I use a variety of Bible Study guides, historical contexts and sermon series to help me walk through my studies.⁠ It has been a game changer in helping me get intentional, dive deeper and be amazed at God's incredible word!

Bible Study Guide

If you are looking for a Bible Study tool to help you, check out the Women in the Word Bible Study Guide I just launched!  It's the perfect companion to discovering some amazing women of the Bible.

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